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My story 

Bridging the gap between Europe and the DPRK

The mission

Teresa Song seeks to foster a new engagement with the culture of the DPRK, bringing to light the wealth of talent and diversity in the country’s art scene through a non-political lens. The Song family possess over 100 paintings from 20 of the most highly reputed artists in the DPRK, all of whom have earned accolades both in their native country and on an international platform. She hopes to attract a new audience for and highlight the artistic and cultural landscape of the DPRK. Through continued investment in regional artworks and in the planning of future events, the Song Family desires to achieve their long-term aim of bridging the gap between Europe and the DPRK. Please feel free to contact Teresa with regards to any of the paintings. 

About Teresa:

Teresa Song read Economics at the London School of Economics and started her career in investment banking. Having always been interested in the wider world and her roots to both Koreas, she combined her interests of investing and frontier markets, to look for investment opportunities further afield. Whilst visiting rural parts of Asia and DPRK, she fell in love with the artwork, culture and beauty of DPRK.

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